Episode #193 (interview): Keeping the Led In with Ellen Middaugh

Education doctor and San Jose Ten Ellen “Andrew on the Inside” Middaugh takes a break from diagnosing social media’s impact on politics today (spoiler: it’s … not great) to join Ann and Bobby for a celebration of Luke and Andrew’s ability to riff on pretty much anything, as proven in a series of Led Zeppelin song titles funneled through Luke’s impression of Kai Ryssdal. The clip, from October 24, 2014, comes from the same episode as Luke’s legendary dombass note (as we’ve previously covered with Phyllis). Overall the episode is an embarrassment of riches, unlike Luke’s old classmate Brendan Boyd, who is just an embarrassment.

Silver Lining Alert: Luke’s impression of Kai Ryssdal gives Ann and Ellen a chance to share a Whole Lotta Love for their favorite “voice crush,” who is still on Ann’s laminated list even though he’s traded in his convertible and Navy uniform for a workhorse minivan. (No one tell Justin Trudeau.) 

Today's show picture of a handsome young Kai Ryssdal is from this 2011 Marketplace Photo Essay.