Episode #192 (Recap): Hot Tub Fremdscham Machine

Grab a Diet Dr Pepper and some pizza-shaped gummies at the Durn Good Grocery, because Mike, Bobby and Ann are ready to unpack another week of TBTL. We’ll need to pour ourselves a big cup of chicory coffee to go with those sous-vide eggs, because frankly, we’re still recovering from Luke’s “in the rough” encounter with a Florida groundskeeper. Mike shares some blistering hot takes about the latest episode of Entitled Etiquette: Travel Edition, including an inspired analogy between Luke and a Domino’s pizza. Andrew’s story of his recent fall prompts us to share our own unfortunate experiences with gravity, including Bobby’s hand-disfiguring bike injury, wheelchair wisdom from Mike, and why Ann feels weird about the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Speaking of movies, don’t miss the sure-to-be blockbuster thriller, Anne of Nakatomi Plaza. And we finally learn the motto that adorns the Frizzell family crest.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out what’s going on for National Pie Month with our friends over at the Preheated podcast!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2305 (hot tub, nekkid, weddings, Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, podgazing, Twitter, cracker factory, Starbucks, eggs, pronunciation, Eternal Fart), 2306 (Stu the Stu-bot Neuman, falling stories, kids and bikes, Chris Hayes, Entitled Etiquette, travel woes, indie coffee, chicory, Ollie the bobcat, eggs), 2307 (Durn Good Grocery, Yelp reviews, gyros, Heimlich maneuver, Goldie’s Casino, naked jogging, sex crimes, fossils with no anus, creationism and the Bible), 2308 (Entitled Etiquette, travel woes, rental car, zipper merge, driving, Keith Stone Keystone, Super Bowl ads, Ollie the bobcat, movie theater purse theft, stealing condoms), 2309 (thermostats, Fifty Shades of Grey, action movie fatigue, Star Wars, Die Hard, shoot the glass, Costa Rica, Secrets resort, Gary Keillor, Volkswagen).