Episode #190 (recap): Wayne Coyne’s Junk is Another Man’s Displeasure

Crack open a cold, refreshing Diet Coke, and don’t dare email us about the fake sugar—Showmates Bobby, Ann and Meredith don’t want to hear about it. Instead, enjoy a defense of casual fandom, what to do if you can hear your neighbors peeing, a final Dukakis turkey carcass count, a first-hand Coachella sharpshoot, occasional encounters with an actual EGOT, why you shouldn’t copy your long division test off the Asian kid, and many, many more pitons hammered into the cracks of Mt. TBTL. Plus, Simpsons Watch™, an Anthony Update™, Joe-Joe on the Squat™ and more, all thanks to great contributing Wagoneers. This is the perfect episode to turn up in an effort to drown out the sound of your parents having sex. 

Be sure to also check out this Dutch response to the election of Donald Trump, and these awesome Japanese toilets!

This episode recaps TBTL 2300 (Sock Club, cooking shows, Chopped, Ted Allen, America’s Best Lipsyncing Kids, OA, politics, Sean Spicer, Air, Twitter, Boise), 2301 (Diet Coke, Crystal Pepsi, soda, uniform shirts, candles, piton, rating system, Chris Hayes - All Star in all C), 2302 (WW&D, loud neighbors, Bumbershoot, flight attendant, EGOT, Phillip Michael Thomas, Air, Dippin’ Dots, Wayne Coyne) 2303 (iPod nostalgia, airport jobs, vaping vape vapor, Dukakis turkey carcass, Prairie Woman, candle tunneling) and 2304 (Ira Glass, Danny McBride, Shirley Temple).