Episode #188 (recap): Check out our $41,000 Loaner Podcast

Welcome, friendos! The political landscape may have shifted, but TBTL continues, and that means LRB is here to break it down. In your weekly recap, Mike, Meredith, and Ann puzzle over exactly what it means that Andrew’s been meeting “old colleagues” for lunch, reflect on how Carey’s becoming a true Burbank, (although her desire to follow rules and regulations is driving her husband crazy), and dissect Luke’s trolling of the Canadian Border Patrol, which makes Carey, Andrew (and frankly all of us) extremely nervous. Additionally, Luke strives for an advantage in the parking ticket arms race, Andrew doesn’t understand why he can’t find eggnog for purchase in January, and we learn that TBTL has a new supervisor. Welcome, and we hope you’re not listening.

Along with all this week’s hot takes, Meredith shares how her tiny fence experience was a little more than she bargained for, Ann wants a moratorium on the phrase “on the nose,” (unless it refers to Luke’s dermatological issues) and Mike explains the concept of “sheet nipples." Plus, Simpsons Watch is a go, plans for the LRB slanket are being finalized (not really), and we’re busy creating an LRB raffle prize box that’ll give you the true, authentic aroma of Kyle, TX. Oh, and sorry about that whole Putin/Seagal imagery thing... we can’t get it out of our heads, either.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2295 (baby glasses, fedoras, pen talk, Uncle Lloyd, Roman Casino, therapy dog, Live Wire, Comedy Cellar, No Point Conversion, Michael Bennett, Aaron Rogers), 2296 (cat behavior and ownership, parking ticket protest robot, parking arms race, Revolutions and Crimetown podcasts, political scandals, Rob Schneider, Luke’s Chewbacca impression), 2297 (Andrew’s “Seattle Day”, dermatology laser stories, chicken fried steak, MxPx, religious songs, smoking weed, Coldplay, John in Arkansas is a weed doctor), 2298 (work wife, inauguration plans, soup dumplings, Canada, eggnoguration, nose laser email, Steven Seagal, repair cafés and fixit coaches, bidets), 2299 (Carey Burbank, inauguration, Canada, Audi, Luke’s tweet, border patrol, one minute of fun, drunk singing).