Episode #186 (recap): The Old Man and the C-Clamp

Don’t Stop your podcatcher now! Bobby and Ann are joined on The Chain by special guest and Gold Dust Woman Amy Sheppard to Make Loving (TBTL) Fun with your latest Week in Review!

While we would prefer Never Going Back Again, it seems we’re stuck in a déjà poop loop as Luke Goes His Own Way with his new $30 bidet, and is doomed to repeat Second Hand News from TBTL past. Why, you ask? Oh Daddy, we Don’t Want to Know. Also this week: An array of feedback from Wagoneers (including an amazing voicemail), Dreams of a bidetking.com sponsorship, a special Tiny Fence Concert audio postcard from Meredith, and much, much more. 

When you’re done here, go check out Songbird Amy’s podcast where she Makes Loving (music) Fun, Earbuds and Earworms! If the Rumors are true, it’s prettyyyyyy prettyyyyyy prettyyyyyy pretty good. Maybe even as good as Loud Pipes by Ratatat