Episode #182 (recap): Shushing the Minions and the Inners

Happy New Year from Little Red Bandwagon! Slip past the kid at the door and grab any open seat to hear Meredith, Mike and Bobby recap the latest week of TBTL, because it’s not stealing if it was going to be empty anyway. We promise not to tell, especially because Bobby is too busy breaking in his Instant Pot, Mike is too busy watching a kitten antagonize a bunny, and Meredith is too busy running the numbers on how many celebrities died last year. (Hot Take: They’re probably not going to stop in 2017.)

Please just make sure to keep the lights on for Duff, keep your mouth shut about the new shower head, check out Andrew’s new mixtape, and (literally) phone it in for any potential new listeners. They’ll love that.

(The part you want starts at 0:26.)

Today's show picture is this T-shirt from BustedTees. I saw it while buying this one for Sam, and this one for myself. -- Bobby