Episode #174 (recap): Little Red Bandwagon for December 5, 2016

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This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2260 (Addy's kitten, ice rink with fish, cold / sick, study it out drop, Kucinich, NPC), 2261 (Shane Co., Nintendo NES, Snapchat Google Glass, unicycle shirtless grocery guy, The Biscuit), 2262 (Chicago preview, Dilbert, pooping in space, Garth Brooks video, end-of-life planning, Christmas gifts, Apple pay, Eagle), 2263 (Chicago, loop, architecture, bean, Caroline in the City, Luke's WWDTM origin story, Big Mac), 2264 (Dream Court, pooping outside lightning storm, public radio Donald Trump, WWDTM, Buzz Aldrin, gold flakes thief).