Episode #173 (Phyllis Phaves): A Phyllis Fletcher Double Decker December to Remember

Phan Phavorite Phyllis Fletcher takes a break from trust falls and ice breakers with her team in Portland to share not one but TWO TBTL moments from Decembers past! One features Jen (the cake is a lie), one features Luke (who’s too young for a decaf nightcap), and both raise a great question: why did I say that?! While We Have Her™, Phyllis also tells us what it was like in the newsroom on Election Night, from the cliché whiskey to her Reverse Driveway Moment. Plus, Mouth Sounds!

Public Service Announcement: This episode features an occasional use of the word “moist,” in relation to Jen’s baking tips. You have been warned. 

This episode features TBTL clips from Dec. 8, 2008, hour 2 and Dec. 8, 2014, episode 1747.