Episode #172 (recap): All of those episodes came from your bo-o-dy?

Climb aboard the KSPRT Grosston Roller Coaster for a wild ride through the latest week of TBTL with Bobby, Ann and Great Big Man Mike. We (somewhat) tactfully tackle TBTL’s recent gauntlet of bodily function talk, but might need an ice bath and some sample pierogis if anyone expects us to podcast tomorrow. Just remember: unicycles are a deal-breaker, don’t forget the bulk whipping cream, and it’s always better not to be the guy who farted.

Oh, and Ann Needs Advice!

This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2255 (Rudy behavior, KPUG Hottie of the Day, farting, NPC), 2256 (KIRO, laptop woes, gum, Binaca Blast, Japanese kids unicycles), 2257 (Gobble Gobble text chat, whipping cream, Costco, Thanksgiving Eve, charity, Drake U ice bath pee, booger archive), 2258 (Thanksgiving, Carey, Genevieve, Burbank Kitchens, cookies, family, Lannistercare), 2259 (Leftovers, Chopin’s heart, The Mountain from Game of Thrones.)