Episode #171 (special): Giving Thanks and Good Riddance

It’s a very special holiday edition of LRB as Mike, Christy, Jeremy, Bobby, Ann, Phyllis and (sort of) Meredith all come together around the dining room podtable. We kick things off with a Thanksgiving Day Parade of Misery as our worst Turkey Day memories overload the Wappler Doppler in a deluge of disasters from culinary to family—all, of course, punctuated with laughter, and everybody’s favorite imitation turkey gobble.

Then, we move on to a feast of put-ups, because we have no shortage of reasons to be thankful this year! The short list includes an LRB family wedding, a new house, pain relief, outstanding colleagues, a surplus of pie, the Affordable Care Act, the end of a presidency (not the one you’re thinking), and, most of all, our thoughtful and charitable listeners. Really. We mean it! (Don’t cry. Be Strong Britney