Episode #170 (recap): Two and a Half Hosts

Mike, Ann and an unexpectedly ailing Bobby ditch the Coleman cooler full of algae juice for some Canadian beer and Teriyaki Madness before losing their appetites thanks to Luke’s questionable medical talk and hygiene maintenance. Then again, stories of Bobby’s high school surgery prep, Ann nerding out about murderdata.org and Mike’s unoiled stump didn’t help much, either. It’s not all a trip to Grossto(w)n though—there’s also Skyjinx (woo), multiple hypothetical questions and a trio of Simpsons references. 

When you’re done listening to today’s show:

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  • Let us know what you’d save from a house fire (assuming your animals get out on their own)
  • Check to see if you know any right-leg-only amputees who wear a men’s size 13
  • Waste a little more of your time on us by reviewing your favorite slugs on iTunes! (If you’re going to be mean, at least be funny, and use proper grammar.)

This episode recaps TBTL 2250 (Rudy, Olive, juice, glazed donuts, cheat day, New Balance shoes, Bannon, anesthesia, NPC), 2251 (Juice, Olive, flying vs invisibility, VR, El Segundo, shoes, Blair Walsh, Teriyaki Madness, wildfire, prison break / shouting over wall), 2252 (Cold, flu shot, stitches, nudity at doctor’s office, pina colada story, Jimmy Buffett / Warren Buffett, Olive, Labatt / Labatt’s, Cleveland Indians, Skyjinx United Basic Economy, duolingo), 2253 (SERE, clearance rates, Bob Dylan, Instagram copycat, save from fire), 2254 (Kanye West, HIPAA, mole, politics anger, voting, basketball, Ross & Burbank, fingernails, M&Ms, germs).