Episode #167 (look back): “Hey guys! I’m on this branch!” with Eddy Maxwell

Working Man Bobby Pape, Mike Today’s Tom Sawyer Frizzell and special guest Houston Ten and RushCon Founder Eddy Maxwell hop into the Red Barchetta, and channel The Spirit of (imaginary) Radio by getting Closer to the Heart with some morning-after-the-election talk about the Subdivisions in our country. (We are sincere and share words of hope, but are also frustrated and opinionated. If you take issue with our acknowledging the President-Elect’s overt sexism, racism and demagoguery, maybe skip this one.)

Then we cheer up by shining the Limelight on a funny and impression-filled Luke rant from July 2013 about the birds that Fly By Night, but come back to ruin his sleep every morning.

This episode looks back to TBTL #1375. For some fun Golfman talk, go listen back to the full episode. And don’t forget to send us your questions about Mike’s time as a bank robbing pill addict and incarcerated felon