Episode #166 (recap): Mexican Feta and Emergency Champagne

Turn the porch light off and ignore the incessant knocking, because there’s no time for adorable children when a week of TBTL is waiting to be recapped. Ann’s back from SFO and joins Mike and Bobby for everything from gold chains and toupée talk to HGTV and Granny Time. Plus, Ann went “Hollywood,” Mike stole 100 Grand (the candy bar … and much later the money) and Bobby went to the Magnolia Silos in Waco. #shiplap

Oh, and we can officially blame President Trump on Cubs fan Chris Hayes’ deal with the devil.


 This episode recaps episodes 2240 (A Stranger Calls, Halloween songs, Trick-or-Treaters, David Boze, Bartman history, NPC), 2241 (steamed hams, undeclared / accepted, Northlake Pizza, 100 Grand, Beetlejuice, mixed drink fraud, Marv Albert toupée), 2242 (mouse, Zika, cost of pets, Garbage Day), 2243 (Jen Andrews, sports grudges, CBS Sunday Morning, Lindsay Lohan’s accent, Granny Time: violent movies, pup cups, OPP) and 2244 (Cubs fan Coors, keg stand pants, Emergency Champagne, Cadbury eggs, Fixer Upper, HGTV, tiny houses.)