Episode #164 (recap): If you like piña coladas, and getting caught being vain

¡Bienvenidos a Stumpton! Slip into your hospital footie socks, pour yourself some coconut water, and visit Bobby, Meredith and Mike at the San Juan Salsa Bar for your latest, healthiest, watermelon-colored TBTL Week in Review (and your gratis Big Papi tortilla chips). We’re a little afraid of trying to fire our layabout unioncats, and a lot afraid of getting our hair wet. But at least we ain’t afraid of no hipster girl in a jumpsuit.

When you’re done with this, make sure to check out the latest episode of Earbuds and Earworms—or at least, their latest episode’s show pic, featuring Jason as a sexy (or slutty?) Bob Ross.


This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2235 (Unnecessary Spanish, Live Wire in New York City, toupee, balding, Bartman, Simpsons, Big League, No Point Conversion, Boykin), 2236 (Charger cable, socks, world music, TAL, John Lurie, Bakra Bata, meet cute, Tom Petty), 2237 (Polyglot cameraman, old fashioned, rain, hair, Most Interesting Man in the World), 2238 (Coco Lopez, Tropical Storm, grape drop, reddit), and 2239 (Fort Lauderdale, Dodge Journey FWD, Dominican Republic, Coco Lopez, security, Big Papi chips, YouTube gifs, bodega cats.)