Episode #161 (Clip Show): Begging for Candy

The ghosts and goblins have come out to play, because it’s Halloween at the LRB! Ann and Christy are here to give their opinions on scary movies, share their personal Halloween experiences, and examine the Halloweens of TBTLs past. Whether you dress up as a punk rocker, a cowgirl, a Roman soldier or Dorcas the Seamstress, there’s something for everybody, including Luke’s childhood encounter with a witch, Sean’s Balls of Fury ™, Fort Wayne holiday decorating tips from Jen, and Andrew’s indignation over Luke’s interaction with a “rude” cat barista. Plus, Christy goes on the most amazing rant about office cake that any of us will ever hear.

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 10/31/11 (TBTL Players, The Exorcist, Ghostbusters), 10/31/08 (Halloween, trick or treat, costumes, Jesus Creek , Harvest Day, Dorcas), 11/3/2009 (Sean DeTore, flasher costume, Balls of Fury); 10/15/10 (Halloween decorations, Fort Wayne, my child my enemy, costumes, Sea Galley); 10/31/14 (Halloween at the airport, Burbanking the joke, costumes at the office, cake, Bob Walsh).