Episode #160 (recap): Don’t wrap it up—we’ll stump-shape it

Bobby, Ann and Mike dive stump-first into the deep end of the soon-to-be-winterized pool that is the last week of TBTL. We start by searing our hot takes off in several inches olive (but thankfully not sesame) oil, and then slow cook our commentary for several hours in our trusty past-due Crock-Pot®. Mike defends the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bobby doles out wedding DJ advice, and Ann keeps her frustration at a steady simmer. Overall, it’s a tender but fatty episode, with some overpriced powder filling in the gaps in our lackluster cabbage.

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This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2225 (Ken Bone, Fabulous Thunderbirds, swimming pool, keyboard issues, phantom limb, gross earring toothpick, Toomgis, tritone, fantasy football), 2226 (corned beef, China credit checks, credit scores, Far Side, Nyugen), 2227 (Candid camera, Addams Family fart skeleton, Mugsy / Muggsy, podcast download numbers, corned beef, dogs smell), 2228 (Storm, Bob Dylan, Humpty Dance wedding, hick-hop, Trebek, Andrew pay, mixtape), 2229 (Bald, pina colada, Amazon Prime, Toppik, Nancy Grace, Newsroom).