Episode #158 (Recap): What A Piece Of Work Is Man

It’s been a graphic week on TBTL, and Mike, Meredith and Ann are ready to talk about (among other things) persistent cat pee, a “destroyed” bathroom at a baby shower, and (cough) mayonnaise. Andrew’s upset because Professor Bananas has turned his closet into her personal ammonia-scented paradise, Luke is upset because his dreams of a first class upgrade were crushed, and we’re upset because Luke’s financial mismanagement led to the temporary closure of the TBTL email accounts. In today’s LRB Science Corner, instead of exploring the possibilities of the ‘brown note’ we encourage the scientists of America (and the world, really) to focus on identifying the ‘O-note’. Plus, Meredith prepares to take over the cat-whispering empire of Jackson Galaxy, Mike shares some details about his Frankenstump, and Ann states the obvious by identifying Kanye as a d-bag. 

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2220 (Winthrop, eagle soaring, yelp reviews, In The Dark, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Australia news, dunny rolls, No Point Conversion), 2221 (presidential debates, Al Capone's vault, SNL, Elena Ferrante, feminism, OPP, poop story), 2222 (Professor Bananas, Jackson Galaxy, Coffee Lova, sonic branding, Jack Hitt, the brown note, Antarctica, McMurdo Station, Withings, Costa Rica, weight talk), 2223 (Tom Tangney, KIRO hosts, movie reviews, Your Last Meal, Luke at the airport motel, Charlton Heston, What A Piece Of Work Is Man), 2224 (Phyllis Fletcher, Andrew's keyboard is broken, public radio fundraising, Phyllis' Soviet pen pal, the Egg Council creeps got to Lenny, vegan mayo, library apartments).