Episode #156 (recap): RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Mike’s back!

Here! Here! (Hear? Hear?) Mike is back, and fills Bobby, Meredith and the Wagoneers in on where he’s been the last month or so before we recap the latest week of TBTL. It’s actually a pretty heavy story, but have no fear: It’s balanced out by personified pets, Uncle Ike’s $2 bills, grievances with Iceland, a prescription for a glass of cranberry juice, and a call to stop body-shaming giant pandas. (Especially on the bamboo casting couch.)


This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2215 (Jack Reacher, Tug Rubbington, Charles Osgood, CBS Sunday Morning, reply all, K-Strauss), 2216 (animals, aminals, LBJ, bunghole, Birbiglia, Crazytown), 2217 (Chris Hayes, Bill Murray, Yankees proposal, three-parent baby, dreamcatcher), 2218 (speeding ticket, Antarctica, Iceland, Spin Doctors), and 2219 (NeanderWalsh, half-marathon, Bob Dylan, clowns, pandas).