Episode #153 (look back): How do you say awkward? (with Brigid Schabes)

Live from the Trans Am Room at the Motor Court Motel, ChiTen pastry chef Brigid “Gabriella” Schabes flanks Meredith “Mercedes” Mahan and Bobby “Should Have Been Ann” Pape for a plethora of topics from pie crusts and biscuit tips to a TBTL clip from 2008 about lady bits. In 2016 we still may not agree on how to pronounce menstruation, but at least we’re all on the same page about Gillian Anderson and left-handed smoke-shifters. And pie. We all love pie.

This episode features a clip from December 1, 2008, hour three of TBTL. Be sure to check out Linh Pham’s Wait Wait stats page at wwdt.me, and Brigid’s Instagram page!