Episode #148 (Recap): A new vacuum in the left hand, Chris Sabo specs in the right

Startled from falling asleep to Teletubbies again? Join Ann, Mike and Bobby in Ann’s Therapy Corner, where an A is an F, a C is an A, and watching the TV in your Fiero is no problem because you’ve got a police escort from the stadium direct to your impractically hip hotel. So drown your picnic FOMO in forest Eggos and Augustus Gloop fantasies. Plus, Mike likely screwed some ESL students working on their US citizenship in the late ‘80s, and Ann quit her night job and bought a purple Shark. Because if you can’t go crazy with your vacuum color, than what can you do?

This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2195 (Michelangelo’s David, suit, Gene Wilder, Bob Ross, chook), 2196 (CSM, police escort, Hearthstone, Stranger Things, Skyjinx American Airlines commercial, Kaepernick), 2197 (Road to Woodinville, car de bajo, Rudy, dog tone test, pretty good spoof, boxer, rainbow mug), 2198 (picnic, Chateau Ste Michelle, Jen Andrews, Granny Time, Paul Giamatti, Bieber trumpet, Jew Hidin’ House, Sippin’ with Sean, Chris Sabo glasses, SOTS, Lizzo), 2199 (NegaBucks, LA, hotels, suit, guitar, books, Christopher Guest, Guffman, Mascots).