Episode #146 (Recap): Manbang Mania

String cheese wrappers? Check. Authentic teriyaki? Check. Blend of 11 secret herbs and spices? Check.  Enough alcohol to float 1500 Michiganders to Canada? Check. We’re ready for another round of TBTL: The Week That Was. In this episode, Mike, Ann and Meredith talk about, among other things, the extreme hotness of Justin Trudeau, why no one feels sorry for Nick Denton, and how to learn to look at yourself in pictures without dying inside. Plus, we hear all the dirty details from last Friday’s Texas LRB meetup (which I’m referring to as The Debauchery in Dallas, because I can), including steaks, dog behavior and Mike’s manspreading.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2190 (Rudy and Olive, dog hunger, body image issues, Bob Edwards, Tragically Hip, Justin Trudeau, drunk floating to Canada, tweets), 2191 (Gawker, phone technology, pushups, Song of the Summer, Stranger Things, Christmas crackers), 2192 (mug talk, Walsh Manufacturing, Burbank Sawdust Sucker, Australian vocabulary, Montauk monster), 2193 (teriyaki, personal hygiene, KFC secret herbs and spices, Anne of Green Gables, reboots, Batman), 2194 (mansplaining, gender issues, curiosity, The Professor, real people on Twitter, Indigo Girls, state fairs, PRPD, Manbang, North Korea).

(Photo Credit: J. Adam Huggins/NYT)