Episode #143 (Clip Show): Tooth Beavers and Mouth Herpes

It’s time to rinse and spit, as Christy and Ann get together to conduct an examination of the dental experiences of TBTL hosts past and present. We’ll hear the epic story of ol’ Barnacle Mouth Burbank, wonder where Jen gets her impressive supply of prescription drugs, and ponder what those poky gum test numbers Andrew’s so proud of actually mean.  Plus, the only radio show that considers it good content to have its producer come to work high as a kite, and the best (or worst?) lies to tell your hygienist. Remember, if you fall up the stairs just let everybody know that it’s okay because you took a Xanax.

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 12/11/08 (Luke’s mouth herpes, dentists on Yelp, dental embarrassment); 3/10/09 (Jen is high, cracked tooth, Xanax, Ambien); 3/26/09 (cracked tooth, bad dentist, nerve specialist, root canal, Ren & Stimpy, horrifying pain);7/27/12 (dental hygiene, Andrew’s gums, flossing strategies, dental genetics); 10/10/11 (dandruff and gingivitis, quicksand and house fires, sensitivity, Jen lies about flossing, molestation dentistry).