Episode #142 (Recap): “You Were My Once in a Lifetime”

Our vagabond friend may not have been able to score us any whiskey, but Meredith, Bobby and Ann have loaded up on Sucrets®-flavored slushies cut on the dais, and are ready to recap your latest week of TBTL. Together, we find out that StuBot has a great radio voice, Sean DeTore has a conveniently located Dumpster, and Aaron Roden is “woke,” whatever that means. Plus, misadventures in music, fertility talk where the rubber hits the road, and the story of how the Salieri of Software got her groof back.

Seriously, thanks for all the recent donations, Wagoneers. Tonight we’re lighting a gratitude-scented candle in your honor that we bought from a clerk with a masters’ degree.

This episode of Little Red Bandwagon recaps TBTL episodes 2180 (Jian Ghomeshi, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve StuBot Neuman, senior pictures, rings, Star Trek, Olympics, Dumpster pools, Lucy statue, SOTS, “you were my once in a lifetime”, Heggies), 2181 (Phyllis Fletcher, Mr. White America, Costa Rica, klezmer, Olympics, slow TV), 2182 (Phyllis Fletcher, bowling, Kenmore Lanes, Hard Rain, origin story, pull tabs, Gus, 3D glasses), 2183 (Sean DeTore, Genevieve Haas, Cooking with Sean, Italian sausage, marriage, QFC shoplifter), and 2184 (Aaron Roden, Air-Raid, Vegas, peeing in pools, Taxi Driver, Fresca, Obama’s playlist, dreamcatcher).