Episode #140 (recap): Podcast, They Talked

Clear your Monday, because Mike, Ann and Bobby have won the raffle* and the neighborhood pool is ours for the day. Luke is on vacation, and according to Andrew’s caffeine intake, everything on the TBTL lot must go! Plus, Vieves’ job is awesome, Sean’s terrariums are suspect, and the Aryan Mason’s hobby is indefensible. So put your arms under your shoulders, chug some garbage milk, and keep your Shrek-like hands out of your small, small mouth, because there aren’t any locks on the studio doors, and anything could happen.

*moderated by PricehelpyourselfCoopers

This episode of Little Red Bandwagon recaps TBTL episodes 2175 (StuBot, 5 Seconds of Summer, Nye’s, One-Tank Trips, SOTS, skydiver, Evil Knievel, reusable shopping bags), 2176 (Aaron Mason, Ace of Mase, Aryan Mason, Joseph, voting, Stranger Things, Cheers, Murder, She Wrote, baby names, Aidan), 2177 (Aaron Mason, Aidan, stens page, shufflin’ papes, garbage milk / chocolate milk, TBTL-a-thon swag, Ron, Burning Man), 2178 (Sean DeTore, Andrew apology, terrariums, Aaron Mason, push-ups, Ask Sean Anything, Says You) and 2179 (Genevieve Haas, Vieves, ashtray, Olympics, pizza ATM, MFYW).