Episode #136 (Recap): Live from the Safeway on Lincoln!

Get that Don’t Be Radicchio™ Salad ready and don’t forget the side of freshly over-crisped cheese crisps—this week’s LRB Week in Review is sure to work up an appetite. Bobby, Meredith and Mike try to remember who used which towel, pick up some sweet moves from a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man (that they may or may not think is on fire), and learn to never get in a feud with a man who writes revenge raps for a (small portion of his, we hope) living.

Plus: Tangent TV talk, a stupid pet name, why dress codes matter, and a passing mention of a song contest run by a guy who celebrates the music of Donovan, and a guy who just did a 180° on Canadian pseudo-reggae 2014 hit abomination “Rude.”

This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2165 (Burnedy's, cheese crisps, Wall-E, Donald Trump, towel charms), 2166 (backmasking, Liam Neeson, Life's Too Short, Song of the Summer), 2167 (sexual harassment videos, scarecrow convention, wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man, twitter verification, board games), 2168 (KIRO, Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., VCP, VCR) and 2169 (TV Club, Pokemon Go, Rap Master Maurice, hats, dress codes, wire management).