Episode #135 (Look Back): The Carrot Has Been Attempted

Namaste, friends. This week, Ann and Mike are finding inner peace and tranquility under the guidance of Bay Area Ten and yoga instructor Megan Keane. Unfortunately, in today’s TBTL clip peace and tranquility are in short supply, as Luke’s Big Dog strains at the leash after a prolonged and frustrating run-in with the KIRO IT department. Tensions run high in the studio as Andrew tries (mostly unsuccessfully) to diffuse the situation. Then we witness the birth of an important TBTL institution.

This Friday episode of Little Red Bandwagon features TBTL episode #1162: Big Dog Alert, which aired on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012. Keywords:  Megan Keane, Mike Frizzell, Ann Lundholm, yoga, handstands, Big Dog, anger, IT frustrations, Adam Reposa, Walsh Walsh & Doormat.