Episode #132 (Recap): Hooray hooray for the Daves and Josés!

Mike “You’d Make a Good Santa” Frizzell, Ann “ecstatic ex-president” Lundholm and Meredith “Texas Memorabilia” Mahan take a break from their PBS special of scavingly brilliant political satire to unjam the LRB Roomba in your latest TBTL Week in Review. Could Luke be the new Charles Kuralt? Could Mike be the new Steve Nelson? Could Phil Collins be the new Duff? All this, and Song of the Summer: There can only be three. This episode sponsored by Mike’s Seattle Marines MasterCard.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2155 (CBS Sunday Morning, Charles Kuralt On The Road, Rerun, Chautauqua), 2156 (Basketball, Kevin Durant, vacuums, Roomba, Lucky Ladybug, racism, Song of the Summer, PBS fireworks), 2157 (walls, home improvement, contractors, customer support, language barriers, ass from the underground, scavingly vs scathingly), 2158 (Branson, Missouri, Santa, tummy troubles, nervousness, Barry Williams, Colorado town for sale, Bean Baxter, Capitol Steps, Nicolas Cage, Phil Collins), 2159 (Springfield, Missouri, early morning, grocery shopping, speed-stacking, Steve Nelson, news coverage, Dallas, Orlando).