Episode #131 (look back): Aspiring to be Jughead w/ Kim Marsin

Chicago- and Gay Ten Kim Marsin joins Bobby and Mike for a look back at a heartfelt conversation from 2012, in which Luke and Andrew talk about bullying thanks to an unexpected segue from comic strips. We also dive into how TBTL handles politics and tragic events like the recent Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando. On a lighter note, Bobby and Kim both just officiated weddings, and Andrew suggests that it probably didn’t take long for Tom Hanks to spike that damn volleyball in the bone zone.

Be sure to listen to the end for a bonus story from Mike about the only time he was bullied by someone other than his brother.

And after you’re done, go listen to Melissa Etheridge’s song Pulse, and re-watch Erik Jagger’s animation of the classic “Oops the Dirty Monster” clip.

This Friday episode of Little Red Bandwagon looks back a segment from TBTL episode 1035, Sh*t Just Got Real, which aired on Monday, March 12, 2012. For more on Hell Pizza, listen to LRB #17, It’s Just Business featuring young Ten Aidan. (#sorryaidan.)