Episode #128 (Recap): Class Action, Class Act

It’s time to stop debating cement vs concrete, poring over Pod Dog’s Instagram feed, and viewing questionable helicopter news crew footage, because  we’ve got this week’s roundup of last week’s TBTL. Christy, Mike and Ann are here to guide you through the ins and outs of another week of Luke’s questionable diet choices, Andrew’s ever-growing persnickety-ness, and the joy that is Phyllis Fletcher appreciating a well-made Bloody Mary. In other news, Mike has bugs, Christy had a bug, and Ann is bugged by the fact that Luke thinks Tchaikovsky is a Baroque composer.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2145 (pod.dog, LeBron, Cleveland Rocks, OJ Simpson, theme songs, Andrew’s eating habits, brunch), 2146 (salad bar paralysis, corn, Luke’s diet, anxiety, Lindy West, IKEA), 2147 (cement vs concrete, burrito, deconstructed food, Barney head scam, Stephen A Smith, OPP new in-laws, Orlando, gays, guns, Elevens), 2148 (put ups and put downs, Race To Alaska, Starbucks class action lawsuit, Seadoos and seedon’ts, handshakes), 2149 (Phyllis Fletcher, staycation, Bloody Marys, Race to Alaska, helicopters, Brexit, Easy Lover).