Episode #126 (Recap): The Dinner Party Upload

Put down the welding goggles, because (stuff’s) about to get real. Mike, Meredith and Bobby (filling in for an ailing Christy) set the AC to 72 and tuck into a Bloody Mary for breakfast, a Bloody Mary for lunch and a sensible Heggie’s Pizza dinner in your latest TBTL Week in Review. Plus, a Mike health update, an Eddie genetic testing pupdate, and a take on Andrew’s fussy eating so hot the kids (and Stu) would call it “fire.”

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2140 (This American Legion, TBTL Live show, St. Paul, Twin Cities, hot dish, Heggie’s, Sue Nelson, Steve Nelson, Splended Raible, AMA), 2141 (Let the Freon Market Decide, Juicy Lucy, hot dogs, airline seats skyjinx, Five Easy Pieces, Steph Curry shoes, design by committee, AC), 2142 (Smashmouth, Tumi suitcase, Pink Floyd, celery, Bloody Mary, baseball), 2143 (Fake Trucks and Real Dirt, Van’s onion allergy, Andrew cheese creamy casserole, fence trench, Donald Trump hair, cold hotels, fire), 2144 (Andrew’s ID picture, parenting in airport, pod.dog, Canadian woman wolf / bear, Forensic Files, Nancy Grace).