Episode #116: Finish this episode in under 1:13 and it’s free!

Bobby, Miss Christy and Miss Ann saddle up with Diamond, Champ, Rocky and I Forget for four-and-a-half pounds of steak and a side of unsellable potato art in your latest TBTL Week in Review. Remember: Keep the armrest down, be careful where you stick that Dyson, and Republicans are people, too. Oh, and either go vegan, or at least check those eggs carefully. 

Bonus: Listen through to the end for Linh Pham’s supercut of every time the guys used the M-word in Tuesday’s show. (Which M word? Think great cake and terrible everything else.) If you don’t hate him and us by the end of it, check out other gems isolated from TBTL at marsupialgurgle.com.

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