Episode #105: Barbecue, bidets and blanket forts

Western New York cuisine heiress turned Weisendorf Ten Elizabeth Chiavetta joins Bobby and Mike from what we can only imagine is her cavernous German castle for a wide-ranging edition of LRB. We listen back to a TBTL two-fer from 2013 featuring dreams of childhood heroics and a private work bathroom. Plus, Bobby apologizes, Mike comes out as bidet-curious, and Elizabeth shares a tip on getting racy pictures developed. (Hint: Find the Walgreens staffed by amiable old women with poor natural vision.)

Note: Unfortunately for our youngest Wagoneers, this one gets a little blue in spots. But if it’s any consolation, I think we lost any chance of getting free marinade when we hit bidet talk, so we’re all hurting here.

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