#421 (Recap): A Coven + Episode

A full Coven (plus) has convened for this LRB episode! Hillary and Christy reveal that they are teens at heart. Ann reveals that she is a MN State Fair expert (LRB event next year?), and Meredith reveals she used to have a pet snake! Other topics discussed include but surely are not limited to, emojis, Train Lyrics, Hamilton (of course), spiders in your wall, 90210, Ann as a drug mule, and much, much, much more

On the TBTL front, we’re concerned about the guys’ choice of live show venues. How many people fit in a Waffle House?? Is Andrew’s trash going to be out of control while he’s out of town? Are the guys trying to be sooooo random? Speaking of teens, we think Luke should put down the phone and try to catch the snake. The real world is in 3D after all! 

Bottom line for this week - for the love of God, Luke needs to STOP using the term “raw dog.” Ew. 

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2969 through 2973 (Emojis, Train, Soy Lattes, Null, Zero, parking, cocaine, bananas, Popeye’s, Wendy’s, chicken, hypocrisy, Olivia Benson, scooters, mopeds, natural selection, Robert DeNiro, Batman, Superman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, rose, cinema twitter, black twitter, Watership Down, The Chosen, classic movies, Go the F to Sleep, #419 Clip Show, Kim Cattrall).