#400 (recap): How Much Could a Banana Cost?

The Coven® has reconvened for this week’s recap and we’re covering all of the TBTL “news.”  But first, it’s our 400th episode! Can you believe? Also, Hillary is beginning her favorite day of the year (no, it’s not her birthday), Meredith is, once again, dealing with illogical Money Pit problems (and also making tasty bread), and Ann has a student-led BO problem. Blessedly, there was limited garbage talk, but the guys did tackle some well-worn subjects such as dog/leash issues/karma, inexplicable cheese eating, odd Australian animals, and Andrew’s walk on the wild side (Tony is a bad influence). Join us as we dive into those topics plus, and we’re warning you, LOTS of Hamilton. How lucky we are to be alive right now!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2894 through 2898 (400th Episode, Bread, Money Pit, BO, Into the Wild, On our Media, Picky Eating, Throw Another Cliche on the Barbie, Self Actualization Chronicles, Actual News, KenJen, Hamilton, Guns and Ships, Wait for It, Graffiti, Beluga Whales, Mother’s Day, Swiss Cheese, Teen Rebels, Hillary’s Birthday, boa constrictors).