#398 (recap): “Do you like drum circles?”

Pull up a cushion and feel the rhythm, because Meredith, Ann and Bobby are here to party, and there’s room for one more in this sunken living room of the mind. In addition to a recap of the high notes (and low notes) of last week’s episodes of TBTL, Bobby gives an awkward HR update, Ann gets a cookware anti-intervention, and Meredith shares what it’s like banging with strangers seemingly forever.

And speaking of things that take seemingly forever: Instead of breaking down TBTL Garbage Time, we suggest you check out the new podcast Minor Adventures with Topher Grace, or even just these Rhode Island recycling videos. Or, just close your eyes, and imagine a certain jogger being chased by some serious off-leash irony. If that doesn’t make your week, you can always try a $65 bottle of Eau de Westin