#396 (Final Friday): Ask Phyllis Anything!

Phyllis “Situational Them” Fletcher is legally allowed to be on LRB again, and Bobby, Mike, Meredith and Ann take full advantage by hosting a Fletch-themed AMA instead of producing any original content. Shame on all of you who didn’t submit questions, and less shame on those of you who did. Phyllis is a tidal wave of sound advice. Bobby’s cup runneth over with job opportunities. Mike is up against a deluge of spelling errors. Meredith is baking Victoria sponges in her money puddle. And Ann is walkin’ on sunshine despite the fact that—thanks to a troublesome toilet—her money puddle is a literal puddle.

Be sure to submit more AMA questions here for Phyllis or any of the LRB crew.  We’ll answer them if we feel like it, or if it’s easier than generating new show ideas. At least it beats talking about TBTL.