#395 (Recap): “Personal Wild Animal Sanctuary” Never Ends Well

Hey gang, we’re ten minutes late for a hike, but Mike, Ann, and Hillary have managed to squeeze in a TBTL recap while simultaneously charging our phones and looking at the map. Mike’s perfecting his new Cardio Rage™ workout. Hillary’s upset that the Easter Bunny is getting unearned credit. Ann’s family cabin is the setting of the CW’s hottest new teen show. Plus, turtle fights, how to get the most out of the Game of Thrones dragons, the strange hunkiness of Tom Hanks, and the etiquette of nut-punching. Please enjoy the calls of the wild canterkoopies and kooperberrys that we’ve piped into the broadcast. Sorry about all the dong talk.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2879 through 2883 (Game of Thrones, damaged penis, hiking misadventures, maps, taxes, Cleveland, Duluth, Castle Danger, Aftermath, softshell turtles fighting, damaged dongs, piping birdcalls into golf broadcasts, skyjinks, Trump impersonator, podcast conventions, Australia, cassowary, baseball bar fight, passport troubles, Death of Seattle tweet).