#389 (Recap): A Room With a View (and Not Much Else)

It was a busy week on TBTL, with Luke jetting around the country to interact with celebrities, fret about his appearance, and inexplicably remain in a hotel room that fails to meet any reasonable standard for habitability. The LRBWitches are gathered to talk about all of this, as well as the challenges of life in New York City, the potential atrophy of our driving skills, and the sad reality of terrible ID photos. Meredith’s taken a giant step towards full cat lady status. Hillary’s stalking teenagers on Instagram (as you do). Ann investigates The Mystery of the Wrinkled Shirt.

Here's the show we did with the wonderful Felicia Powell. Give your loved ones a hug, guys.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2859 through 2863 (terrible hotel room, broken heat, expensive milk, ironed shirts, Kathy Griffin interview, Luke’s acne, Steve from Stranger Things, Dan Tana’s, Volvo camera technology, boxy cars, Hanna Brooks Olsen, spinoffs of TBTL, 3am Mariners in Japan, Stu-bot, DILF, solstice vs equinox, New York).