#386 (Recap): The Gigatarian’s Dilemma

This week, Luke went to the pizza convention, Andrew went all around Seattle, and Phyllis Fletcher made a triumphant return to TBTL. After hearing about naked hot tubs, the last Busterblocker, and how Luke “had” to eat meat, we hash through the interesting topics and ask some questions. Is Mt. Constitution really much of a mountain? Why do we assume that body-confident naked guys must be old? Which one of us is willing to sacrifice their body to test driverless cars? As far as our own business goes, we’re working through some exciting new concepts for podcasts that we plan to offer to Jewel Case Media as soon as we’ve gotten caught up on our Nineties movie franchises. Mike shares tells some stories about the soap opera that is prison sports. Meredith once got into trouble for NOT taking her clothes off in public. Ann identifies a surprising parallel between TBTL and Jeopardy. Plus, movie rentals for cults, life goals for fish, and the moral objection to cheese.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2849 through 2853 (This Week in Beefs, prison stories, pickup basketball, floor hockey, Sheridan, Luke hiked up a closed mountain trail, clothing-optional hot tub, throbbing purple peen, AC/DC, Angel City, cassette tapes, city life, Blockbuster, vegetarianism, pizza convention, self-driving cars, Alex Trebek).