#378 (Recap): One Raisin After Sundown

Well friends, another week of TBTL is on the books, and Hillary, Ann, and Mike are dialing up to get crammed with meditation and break it all down. After a few more inside jokes and a discussion of the finer points of It’s Fine™, we circle back for some raisin TYPs and decide we’re not here to make friends. We’re in total agreement that Luke and Andrew’s embarrassing passive-aggressive behavior is going to lead to one of them getting punched in the head, and that we should study it out regarding the effects of marijuana, but we differ on whether you should treat yo self to some water in the toilet. Hillary’s been folding Star Wars underwear for a thousand years. Mike’s grandfather died in the Storage Wars. And Ann has a connection to a very big Eighties tv star. Plus, Malcolm Gladwell Superiority Complex, why Chris Hayes never skips his A block, and a very slow hoochie cooch from trees.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2819 (The Slowdown podcast, trees, Howard Stern fake birthday shout outs, raisin meditation, dominate the water, Malcolm Gladwell, scientific effects of marijuana), 2820 (Luke is a shooter, infomercials, Gator Grip, reality television, Storage Wars, Lindsay Lohan, Sinéad O’Connor, Catholic Church, Slow Burn, Lopez Island, Paul Allen, Camp Nor’wester, loud annoying people, found money, employment scams), 2821 (MacGyver, The A-Team, Papa John Phillips, Whole Foods parking, bathrooms), 2822 (credit cards, car rentals, give food to TSA, parking, Kevin Hart and Oscars talk, laundry,), 2823 (Snapchat, Steve Nelson, Nora voicemail, kids making pizza, Blursdays, waterless urinals, Venmo, bringing pets to Australia, dogs, Sinéad O’Connor, Kris Kristofferson).