#375 (Recap): A Liberal’s Anxiety Dream

Welcome to another Boot the Boys episode, where Meredith, Hillary, and Ann are ready to offer their hot takes on Luke and Andrew’s hot takes on everything from the nutrition level of various vegetables to the appropriateness of playing the Humpty Dance during Grandparents’ Hour at a wedding. We’re fond of our TBTL friendos, but it’s difficult not to roll our eyes (so, so difficult) as they advocate for being “laughingly aloof” to defuse conflict, obsess YET AGAIN over the tone other people use when interacting with them, and apparently believe in grocery store fairies. In other news, Meredith is becoming a real estate mogul, Hillary’s ashamed of her Hazelnut Coffee-mate addiction, and Ann has a defiant message for Netflix.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2809 (Sledgehogs basketball, car sales, Audi, pushy salespeople, Rudy off-leash, Entitled Etiquette, nuanced honking), 2810 (grocery store layouts, menial jobs, vegetables, food talk, slot machines, NPC, No Point Conversion), 2811 (waking up, haircuts, realtors, house buying, Bird Box,  postapocalyptic stories, Patriots), 2812 (defensiveness, haircuts, SUVs, Burger King rescinds free food promise, Humpty Dance, journalism ethics, not striving), 2813 (office life, Lego, Vanessa Williams music, Sledgehogs basketball, people stealing road signs, George the snail).