#373 (Recap): Respect the Donut

It’s the second week of TBTL’s pre-taped holiday shows, but Bobby, Meredith, Mike, and Ann still have plenty to say regarding man movies, Ray Liotta’s beautiful eyes, how peeing outside is fine™, and the sartorial advantages of peacoats. More serious discussions include how we deal with poor tippers (those West Michigan Dutch, amirite?), our frustration with Luke’s ceaseless diet talk, and the transcendence of Texas gas station food. In host news, Bobby’s been Twitter sleuthing (again), Mike still hates ‘My Favorite Things,’ Meredith’s dealing with the consequences of Bear’s bathroom explorations, and Ann has finally lost her ever-lovin’ mind.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2804 (favorite party, fire lanterns, Sean Penn, Carlito’s Way, The Big Lebowski, bad kisser), 2805 (favorite movie, It’s A Wonderful Life poison, Carlito’s Way, Tony Soprano, Moonstruck, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Road Warrior, Fury Road, Blade Runner), 2806 (Boondock Saints peacoats, favorite sports moment, Hawks Bomb, outdoor peeing, boxing, Foul Pole nut puncher), 2807 (Luther Vandross, David Lee Roth, Chuck Klosterman’s Van Halen article, Granite Curling Club, favorite gas station food, beef jerky, Chicken Crispitos), 2808 (a cappella music, pre-packaged donuts, McDonald’s cheeseburgers no meat, hash brown burger, favorite sound, street sweeper, fire crackling, “helicopter,” rain storms).