#368 (Clip Show): LRB’s Year in Review

It’s December 2018, and another year draws to a close at the Little Red Bandwagon. We’ve had a lot of fun talking about TBTL, as well as pop culture, sports, candy, pets (new and old), tasty beverages, the state of the world and our own lives. So for this month’s clip show, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moments on our own show. Okay, they’re some of Ann’s favorite moments, since this was her idea and she was the one who trawled through the entire year to scoop them up. Listen as we discuss, argue and laugh our way through 2018. We hope you had as much fun listening as we had recording.

This show contains clips from the following LRB episodes:

#345 (Friday): Look in the mirror, and be a better sTens page (Cold Open)

#286 (recap): 8th grade is the worst (Big Jim)

#297 (Special): LRB Pop Culture Challenge: Super Bowl Edition (Deflategate)

#300 (Recap): Pencil in Some Spontaneity (Po’boy)

#313 (special): Little Red Candywagon (Candy Melee)

#318 (Recap): "Where we're going, we don't need roadkill." (Transporters)

#319 (Friday): "One thing kids like to be is tricked." (Weird Porn)

#321 (recap): Luke missed the sausage fest (Dahtchester/Hangovers)

#323 (Recap): "They say the dessert is free, but you pay in a different way." (Diet Coke)

#325 (Friday): Sisterhood of the Traveling Underwear (Dairy Queen)

#337 (recap): A show title-rich environment (Boat Crash)

#345 (Friday): Look in the mirror, and be a better sTens page (Housekeeping)

#351 (Friday): Where's Dave With the Rosé? (Ball Cream)

#356 (recap): The Pencil-thin Mustache Clause (Birthdays)

#364 (Recap): There's already butter in here." "So?" (Mashed vs Whipped Potatoes)

#366 (recap): "He blew it in a way I couldn't imagine he could blow it." (Ranch Dressing)

#363 (special): Why we’re thankful for TBTL. (Yes, really.) (Get Involved)

#339 (Special): The Little Red Boat Show Returns! (Nailed It!)