#364 (Recap): “There’s already butter in here.” “So?”

Welcome back to the LRB, friendos – Mike, Meredith, Bobby, and Ann have all survived another Thanksgiving unscathed, and we hope that you have, as well. Our roll holes are stuffed with some sort of carb (with butter, natch), so we’re ready to get down to the business of your latest TBTL recap. On the Burbank family menu this holiday: wet paper bag turkey, garbage bread stuffing, Aunt Mary Lou’s cheese-sprinkled broccoli salad, and potatoes of mysterious production methods. On the host front, Meredith has a dilemma re: some misdirected money. Ann pleads for an end to all the disgusting show topics. Mike’s as real as the poop in the streets. And things are going to start happening to Bobby now. Plus, a fire take on chopsticks, the menace of the Jolly Green Giant, an inside look at pizza conventions, how many people do you need to let the dogs out anyway, and the work of Soup Kitchen Stevens. Parades for everyone!

Here’s the episode with Stu telling Mike’s favorite podcast story ever: #194 (recap): Not So Vas My Friend

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2774 (phone book, Luke judged a stand-up competition, hot water finger soaking, other peoples’ mail, Michael Chiklis, opera puker), 2775 (Gavin Newsom, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr, weather talk, government surveillance, dog poop in your garage can, Scottish dart farts, stealing a puppy), 2776 (washing your coffee pot, sponge wands, Christmas tree farm lobby, pizza convention, Angelyne, the Rat Pack), 2777 (Thanksgiving special, Burbank holidays, Top 7 Thanksgiving foods, mashed vs whipped potatoes, Hawaiian rolls), 2778 (Black Friday snobbery, gift buying, Badlands, torrenting music, leftovers, room temperature pizza, Chinese food, homemade dumplings, Sufjan Stevens).