#362 (Recap): Lucasito and Chickenboy In the Morning!

Crack open a Topo Chico (glass bottle, please) and Come Sail Away with the LRB for a recap of one of the loooooooooongest weeks of TBTL we can remember. The reunited I-35 Crew of Ann, Hillary, Meredith and Mike have gathered to make what lemonade we can out of this lemon, even if it means listening to endless talk about vegetarianism, vanilla dairy-free mac and cheese, and unappealing carb substitutes. We dig into the flaw in the premise of “giant bow” car commercials, ponder the hotness level of Beto O’Rourke, thoughtfully discuss the trickiness of trans pronouns, and agree that, despite our civic responsibility, we want no part in the El Chapo trial. Hillary’s ashamed that her knowledge of twins consists of Mary Kate and Ashley references. Mike insists his nickname is El Guapo (where’s that eye-rolling emoji when you need it?). Ann explains why she doesn’t go to the movies with her mom. Meredith reminds us that kids have been drawing boobs using parentheses for decades. We’re pretty confident that we got this.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2769 (Morning Zoo, car commercials, Beto O’Rourke, debate hot, Topo Chico, ASCII and emoji pictures, overconfidence, Andy Time, bankruptcy barrel, NPC), 2770 (sobriety dreams, Rudy noises, Luke’s 60s style, Chicago architecture tour, Eileen Myles, transgender pronouns, Bookworm, Stan Lee, El Chapo jurors, Lucasito, Gordita, El Guapo), 2771 (Sean DeTore, Tater Tots, dairy-free mac and cheese, chickens, French fries, movie theater talking), 2772 (ramen, Lil’ Bow Wow, degrading music, taxes, Alex Trebek, #metoo, Jeopardy strategy, identical and fraternal twins), 2773 (Seahawks text chain, drinking on planes, coat hook moments, alcohol and lovability, praying for people, GoFundMe homeless Marine scam, NPC).