#358 (Recap): Playing Tetris In My Mind

Over here at the LRB we know that you were promised a handful of special pet-related episodes of TBTL last week. We also know that these promises were poorly fulfilled, as our TBTL friendos proved once again that following a show sheet is not one of their stronger skills. Luckily, your LRB hosts can fill that gap, bringing more pet-related content than all three of TBTL’s Pet-agogy episodes combined (not that it was difficult). Mike is contemplating hair-of-the-dogging-it while his fingers are being decimated (literally) by cat attacks. Ann tells the tale of her self-mutilating hamster before she throws her newly-replaced phone over another mind-boggling Burbank statement. Meredith reflects on the civility of the mosh pit and how her dad got a bad case of prairie dog plague. Also on today’s agenda: secret therapy whispers, the Shaggy Defense, karaoke trapdoors, the problem with fake meat, White Guy Confidant Syndrome, the zucchini measure of friendship, and much more.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2754 (online therapy, time pessimist, public pooping, lottery tickets, Tetris world championships, No Point Conversion, NPC), 2755 (clam fan art, true meaning of decimate, Fine Young Cannibals, music snobbery, cheese, karaoke insecurity, imitation meat is salty, waking up early), 2756 (pet special episode, talking with service people, white guy confidant syndrome, Paul McCartney, barn cats, circle of negging, open concept houses), 2757 (pet special episode, Andrew’s new fridge, Seattle rental market, Roger Miller, Disney’s Robin Hood, Hamster Dance, Garfield and Friends, hamsters, Tiny Tim drank blood), 2758 (Rudy is upset, carrots, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, vegetable gardens, tiny corns, Andrew’s hair smelled like manure, ducks, Shopcat).