#356 (Recap): The Pencil-Thin Mustache Clause

We’re getting close to Halloween so the LRB coven of Hillary, Meredith, and Ann is reconvening, with Mike taking his life into his (kitten bitten) hands to join them. There’s a thorough discussion of the new LRB family additions (both cat and human), another emotional breakdown from Mike, a peek at the Van Harn family’s pending super villain, and the continuing countdown to Hillary’s big day (carry me, Daddy!). In fact, we’ve got so much LRB business this week that we barely have time to recap TBTL, but we still manage to share our thoughts on Andrew’s scooter saga, Luke’s potential “house pig,” unnecessary tired weed jokes, and the yelling system. Everyone’s on board as Ann plays all her rage cards simultaneously for the throwiest Throw Your Phone moment ever. Plus, our own unfortunate towing stories, why Diet Coke is the best soda ever, The Good sTens Place, and it’s not Saucy Meat Time. Yet.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2749 (lawn watering, stolen scooter, impound lot, No Point Conversion, NPC), 2750 (cat leash, teen love songs, Cheech & Chong, pigs as pets, bagel emoji), 2751 (Mad Love, online therapy, partner nomenclature, homeless woman car towed, Caroll Spinney, Coke Zero vs Diet Coke, marketing because men are fragile), 2752 (The Good Place, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Armchair Expert, trash monster, microwave enchilada, Stephen A Smith, The Skywhale hot air balloon, Chris Hayes, TaB soda, junk science, time cards), 2753 (grocery store, resting confused face, saucy meats, the yelling system, nudity, online therapy, acupressure).