#355 (recap): Flipping off the Snack Dad

Are you a Luke, or an Andrew? If you’re listening to our LRB, you’re probably neither! (And that’s OK, because we’d think less of you for paying $3.50 a bottle for Lipton Diet Green Tea.) Now that that’s settled, enjoy this TBTL Week in Review covering everything from airport anxiety and buzzed birds to new RV restrictions and “Minnesota Nice.”

Plus, Hillary is going through a mid-life crisis, Bobby is an over-chicked toddler, Mike has discovered André the Giant’s wikipedia page, and Ann was LRB’s official ambassador to the TBTL live show at a perfectly fine brewery that wasn’t Surly. But really, we’re all just waiting for someone to take those last couple of pieces covering up our Kai Ryssdal cutout and fire them into the trash. Don’t mind the pitted-out Browns T-shirt in there.

This episode recaps TBTL 2744 (At APM / MPR, football, airport, Gram Parsons / Chapman, Blaze, Kool-Aid Jug, drunk birds, Banksy, Billy Quan, NPC), 2745 (Lipton tea, karaoke / kaeokee, Mancini’s, Sophie Turner, Molson commercial, Dirty John, time realists time optimists, Applebees of the mind), 2746 (Stu, sports fans, ax tossing, Mancini’s, André the Giant, St. Could, emotional support animals), 2747 (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bowie, Blue Album Beatles, scooter, horses, Liam Neeson, sex doll), 2748 (Bauhaus, Nora McInerny, tall after 40, CBS monster truck, APM offices, Andrew sweaty throwing out shirt, Stu.)