#353 (recap): Fond Exasperation

How many podcasters does it take to determine if that’s a mole or a skin tag? None on this show, thankfully. But, five of us have gathered anyway for this week’s TBTL Week in Review, just in case. Some of us are trying to moderate our frustration with Luke and Andrew with varying levels of success. Others are just trying to stamp out forest fires. 

In other news, Bobby is too busy for last names, Hillary is causing early-onset parent embarrassment, Mike has issues with RoboCop, Meredith recently stumbled upon the grand opening of a KFC (with Phyllis!), and Ann recalls the time she and some friends rented a VHS tape about Peckerdine University. (And it definitely wasn’t for their kid’s school project.)

This episode recaps TBTL 2739 (Trucktober, bathroom surgery, mole, skin tag, ear piercing, running, headphones, gender reveal parties, forest fire, Chris Hayes show bankruptcy, NPC), 2740 (sweat, tongue, anger, running, Minneapolis show, I Alone, Cheap Trick, Luke and Andrew’s phone numbers, booby traps, vampire facial, mole talk), 2741 (presidential alert, the daily, scooters, Applebees cheap drinks, seafood buffet, Carey’s Burger King sandwich), 2742 (old Diet Coke, Trebek, Hardy Boys, Payne Stewart, Tirdy Works, carpet remnants lie), 2743 (skin tags, pillow room, laundry, magazines, meteorite, shredded money, LaCroix, Diet Coke, Conan).