#350 (recap): Boning up on my Mustard Plug

It’s the crack of 9am Central, and Hillary (not THIS Hillary), Bobby (not THIS Bobby) and Meredith (not THIS Meredith) have run recklessly back and forth across McGrath Highway in Summahville to bring you this new TBTL Week in Review. (Now with a Soy Option!)

Served between piles of take-and-bake pizzas and colorful, untouched crudités platters, we’re really thinking this could be the episode that gets us the chance to sit in the audience at a panel discussion on podcasting. Because if not, we’ve just been sitting in our own juices for eight hours for nothing.

This week recaps TBTL episodes 2729 (Seattle Symphony emcee, gigs, KIRO, Ipswich children song haunting, KUOW Luke football, white male privilege, Stu), 2730 (Coke cans, wake’em up showers, sidesipper drinking, Chris Hayes, Fortnite, on-suite, football), 2731 (million mile club, mile high club, Mariners meet-up, Boston Fenway Park banner guys, Alan Able, pitocin, crudités, snacks), 2732 (snacks, satellite songs, SuperBowl Maroon 5), 2733 (snacks, pizza, doppelgängers, googlegängers, podcasting, APM.)